The Contribution of Virus Infection to ME: A Comprehensive Virology Study Using the BC Generations (BCGP) and the Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project (CPRP) Cohorts
Lead investigators: A. Jassem, T. Dummer, D. Patrick, L. Nacul
Description: The project uses a population-based cohort and focuses on the role of specific viral pathogens in ME etiology and pathophysiology, and opens possibilities for targeted approaches to prevention and treatment.

Genomic and Transcriptomic Analyses of Endogenous Retroviruses (ERVs) in ME
Lead investigators: D. Li, R. Davis, A. Moreau
Description: The project focuses on identifying ERV risk factors in individual patients who were diagnosed with ME/CFS from a cohort of severely ill subjects recruited in Quebec and matched with healthy controls.

Cytokine Profiling and Role in ME Pathophysiology

Lead investigators: A. Landi
Collaborators: M. Houghton, L. Tyrrell, E. Stein
Description: Our previous studies have shown disease-specific cytokines/chemokines profiles in ME/CFS patients. In the current study, the team is undertaking research to confirm diagnostic algorithms that are correlated with ME/CFS symptoms, disease pathogenesis, and potentially discriminating disease subtypes.