Alison Rae is Board Chair and CEO of a Canadian national registered charity called Action CIND. CIND stands for Chronic Immunological and Neurological Diseases and the focus of the charity is ME, FM, MCS/ES and CFS. Alison was an IT Project Manager at a large financial institution for many years until being disabled by ME and FM a number of years ago. She has also struggled with MCS/ES for most of her life. She has been an advocate for CIND for several years as well as promoting May 12th International Awareness Day and serving on the board of the National ME/FM Action Network for over two years. She assisted with the creation of a Treatment Centre vision document in 2009 that has now led to the creation of Action CIND.

Alison is very active in promoting education of the illnesses and running webinars on a variety of topics of interest to the community. Under her leadership, Action CIND has promoted advancing research in Canada. The charity launched their first annual #Run4ME in 2019 to raise funds for ME research which was a great success. She has been involved with prior grant applications and with the ICanCME grant. She has been part of the patient representative team that has help to launch ICanCME.



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