Florence-Olivia Genesse is a public academic, human rights advocate and a renowned scholar in law and feminist theory. As a Roszel C. Thomsen fellow, she obtained in 2022 her Masters degree from Johns Hopkins University. Her most recent article analyzes the experience and the specific harm that female patients endure in the context of clinical medicine and how sexism and gender bias in medicine can make the practice of care an incredibly dangerous experience for female patients. She is now a PhD Law Candidate and has been awarded several prestigious academic honors. In addition to academic excellence, Florence-Olivia worked extensively outside the classroom. She has, notably, served as a youth and gender consultant where she presented recommendations to Quebec’s Higher Education Minister to help guide the new legislation targeting sexual violence at the province’s universities and colleges.

Ms. Genesse is determined to give everything she has to offer to the ME community to lead the search for a diagnostic biomarker, to discover effective treatments and to give justice to the millions of patients who have been neglected by the medical community. The guiding thread of her activism and academic journey has ultimately been to connect ethical argument with democratic action and advocacy. It is with the greatest honour that she has accepted to serve on the Executive Committee of the ICanCME Research Network to use her voice at the table as a source of hope in bridging the gap between the medical research community and the patient community.



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