Dr Luis Nacul has been researching ME/CFS internationally, with research partners and collaborators in North America, Europe and Australia. He was the principal investigator for the feasibility studies on establishing a disease-specific post-mortem tissue bank and Biobank for the study of ME/CFS and the London lead for the CFS/ME Observatory project. He has been the Director of CureME Research Programme at the International Centre for Evidence on Disability, Clinical Research Department, at the LSHTM in the UK. In addition to serving as co-PI for ICanCME, he is the Chief Investigator of the UK ME/CFS Biobank and the NIH funded project ‘Longitudinal immunological and virological study for ME/CFS biomarker discovery’, and is co-investigator in an Australia project to establish the first Biobank for ME/CFS in Oceania. Dr Nacul has wide experience in epidemiology and public health, including in public health genomics, as well as clinical, as a generalist and also as a ME/CFS Specialist, having worked in this capacity in the UK and Canada. In addition to clinical and research work, with emphasis on chronic and disabling diseases, he has contributed to teaching of epidemiology and public health at both the London and Cambridge Universities in the UK and internationally.



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