Scott Simpson (BA, CWC) is a long-time patient advocate. Scott worked with Dignitas International, a Canadian medical humanitarian non-governmental organization, to increase access to life-saving HIV medications and health care in Malawi, Africa. After that success, Scott turned his attention to research on domestic HIV intervention programs with Dr Trevor Hart and the Toronto Metropolitan University HIV Prevention Lab and is the co-author of three published papers about their findings.

Scott co-founded Millions Missing Canada, a non-profit organization advocating for access to health care and treatment for Canadians living with ME. He is also a member of the Health Quality Ontario Patient and Family Advisory Council, and  is a founding member of the Patients for Patient Safety Canada Alliance.

Scott is a counseling trainer and has a private counseling practice, Remedies Online Counseling, that is focused on supporting people who are medically marginalized.  Scott is the host of the podcast Medical Error Interviews. He has been living with HIV since 1998 and was the first person living with HIV to compete at the triathlon world championships. Scott has been living with ME since 2012.



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