Executive Committee

The mandate of the Executive Committee is to provide leadership, support, and oversight of the network’s development and on-going operations.

Alain Moreau PhD
Florence-Olivia Genesse BA MLA PhD Law Candidate
Francois Godbout CM
Kathleen Kerr MD
Abdolamir Landi MD PhD
Paul Lohnes CPA
Luis Nacul MD MSc PhD
Margaret Parlor BA LLB
Alison Rae
Scott Simpson BA CWC
Walter L Siqueira DDS PhD FCAHS

International Scientific and Medical Advisory Board

The mandate of the ISMAB is to ensure that the network’s research activities meet the highest standards and objectives are achieved.

Chris Armstrong PhD
Jonas Bergquist MD PhD
Sonya Chowdhury
Ronald Wayne Davis PhD
Nancy Klimas MD
Eliana Lacerda MD PhD
Neil McGregor PhD
Peter Rowe MD
Carmen Scheibenbogen

Steering Committee

The mandate of the Steering Committee is to provide guidance on strategic priorities and goals of the network.

Alain Moreau PhD
Marie-Yvonne Akoume, BSc, MSc, PhD
Riina Bray, BASc, MSc, MD, FCFP, MHSc
Heather Edgell BSc MSc PhD
Barbara Fifield
Christiane Garcia, B.Sc. Nursing, RN, MBA
Alexis Goth, MD
Dawei Li, PhD
Valerie Marcil PhD
Patrick O. McGowan, PhD
Sabrina Poirier
John Prescott BA MA VETMB PhD
Claudine Prud’homme DVM
Salima Punja PhD
Sarah Selke MB BCh BAO CCFP
Joel Singer PhD
Jeff Smith
Farah Tabassum, MD
Sherri Todd
John Ussher, PhD

Working Groups

Working Group – Bio-banking & Biomarkers


Chair - Dr. Walter Siqueira, College of Dentistry, University of Saskatchewan


  • Kati D., Patient Partner
  • Sherri Todd, BC National ME/FM Action Network

Working Group – Diagnosis, Clinical Assessment, Trial Development


  1. Identify significant gaps in clinical diagnosis/assessment and care for Canadians with ME.
  2. Develop recommendations to address the gaps.
  3. Implement selected recommendations to address the gaps as working group capacity allows.
  4. Act as consultants for clinical trial development and review of clinical trial data when requested by ICanCME members.


Chair - Dr. Ellie Stein, University of Calgary


  • Christiane Garcia, l'Association Quebecoise de l'Encephalomyelite Myalgique (AQEM)
  • Izzat Jiwani, Health/social policy analyst and researcher
  • Maureen MacQuarrie, Patient Partner
  • Jane McKay, BC Women's Hospital and Health Centre, Complex Chronic Diseases Program
  • Scot Merriam, Patient Partner, British Columbia
  • Sarah Selke, Environmental Health Clinic, Women's College Hospital
  • Farah Tabassum, Environmental Health Clinic, Women's College Hospital
  • Rosie Twomey, Postdoctoral Fellow, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary

Working Group – Epidemiology, Data Management & Study Design


Co- Chair: Dr. Luis Nacul, Complex Chronic Diseases Program, BC Women's Health Centre
Co-Chair: Dr. Kathleen Kerr, University of Toronto, Environmental Health Clinic, Women's College Hospital


  • Travis Boulter, Women?s Health Research Institute, BC Women?s Health Hospital
  • Riina Bray, University of Toronto, Environmental Health Clinic, Women's College Hospital
  • Rob Dickson, Integrated Chronic Care Service, Nova Scotia Health Authority
  • Jonathon Fox, Integrated Chronic Care Service, Nova Scotia Health Authority
  • Camille Laflamme, MD, Universit? de Montr?al | UdeM ? Department of Medicine
  • Keith Legrow, RTI International
  • Rhonda Jane McKay, BC Women's Hospital and Health Centre, Complex Chronic Diseases Program
  • Carola Munoz, Complex Chronic Diseases Program, BC Women's Health Centre
  • David Patrick, Departments of Biological Sciences Cell and Systems Biology, Psychology, Physiology, University of Toronto
  • John Prescott, Professor Emeritus, University of Guelph
  • Salima Punja, Integrative Health Institute, University of Alberta
  • Raoul Shetty, Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto (student)
  • Sunita Vohra, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Alberta

Working Group – Genetics & Epigenetics


Chair - Dr. Dawei Li, Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, University of Vermont
Vice Chair - Dr. Patrick McGowan, Biological Sciences, University of Toronto Scarborough



Working Group – Infection & Immunity


Chair - Dr. Amir Landi, Li Ka Shing Applied Virology Institute, University of Alberta


  • Barbara Fifield, Millions Missing Canada
  • Amir Khadir, CISSSLAN, Center for Vector Borne Diseases/Microbiologie medicale-infectiologie/Hopital Le Gardeur
  • Mohammed Osman, Clinician-Scientist, University of Alberta

Working Group – Trainee Development & Medical Education


To focus on identifying and addressing significant challenges within medical education in Canada for all healthcare practitioners, from any backgrounds and at all levels. To foster the development of the next-generation of researchers and clinical-scientists and sustain the activities of ICanCME ACADEME.


Chair - Sabrina Poirier - Community Development Leader (medically retired), Patient Partner


Lana LeBlanc - Health Researcher, Patient Partner
Dr. Nina Muirhead - Surgeon, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust
Tahlia Ruschioni, Education Director, Bateman Horne Centre
Kathleen Dennis - RN (non-practicing), Patient Partner
Linda Hunter - Retired Executive Health Care Leader
Dr. Simon Decary - Assistant Professor, School of Rehabilitation, University of Sherbrooke
Dr. Daniel Pepe - Family Physician, Western Ontario Health Team
Carrie McGinn - Community Health Leader, Long COVID Patient Partner
Kathleen Walsh - Medical Resident


Dr. Kevin Imrie, Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto

Working Group – Vascular Instabilities & Sleep Disturbances


Chair - Dr. Heather Edgell, School of Kinesiology and Health Sciences, York University


  • Svetlana Blitschyen, Dysautonomia Clinic (USA)
  • Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, Hexoskin
  • Luise Neuendorff, University of Toronto
  • Satish Raj, University of Calgary and Foothills Hospital
  • Peter Rowe, Chronic Fatigue Clinic, Johns Hopkins Children's Center, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
  • Scott Simpson, Millions Missing Canada

International College of Reviewers

The ICanCME Research Network has created an independent peer-review process with the participation of xxx international scientific and patient partner reviewers from xx countries.  The group provides valuable comments and feedback to Canadian researchers and trainees, as well as contributes to the promotion of scientific excellence and the integrity of our review process.



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