Dr. Alexis Goth is a hospitalist and family physician (Dalhousie University), with additional training in Integrative Medicine (Fellow, University of Arizona), as well as Functional Medicine (IFM). She is a clinician at ICCS, the Integrated Chronic Care Service, in Fall River NS. Her work focuses on applying an integrative and functional medicine lens to complex chronic disease, particularly patients considered to have central nervous system sensitization. This includes patients with ME/CFS, gut dysfunction, POTS, dietary and environmental sensitivities, MCS, PTSD, etc. The ICCS model is an integrative, whole person systems biology approach, which considers the individual to be a complex expression of his/her dynamic internal and external environment. Additionally, she is a faculty of medicine at Dalhousie University, and practices Hospitalist Medicine at the QEII Health Sciences Center, offering general medicine care. Her research interests include exploring a micro to macro perspective of healing, the connectivity of physical/mental/emotional/energetic bodies, and considering the cyclical patterns of connectivity between the individual and the larger biological ecology of earth.



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