Dr. Prud’homme graduated in veterinary medicine from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at University of Montreal in 1995. She also completed an internship in small animals practice at the same institute in 1996. Since 2008, Dr. Prud’homme has been no longer able to practice due to ME. She immediately got involved in understanding this disease after being diagnosed. She wanted to better understand what the best ways were to cope with it.

Dr. Prud’homme has been involved with the AQEM (Association québécoise de l’encéphalomyélite myalgique) since 2012. She is responsible for the scientific committee of the association. Given her medical training, she keeps the AQEM informed regarding new international research on ME, the possible treatments developed and to be developed in other international ME clinics and the best ways to manage the disease. She also brings a medical experience at the association and works on the advocacy level to get ME.



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