Dr. Sunita Vohra MD MSc FRCPC FCAHS is a clinician scientist with training in pediatrics, clinical pharmacology, and clinical epidemiology. She is a Centennial Professor in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Alberta. Her primary research interest is enhancing clinical research methods, including: i) innovative clinical trial design; ii) active surveillance in safety research; and iii) improved outcomes reporting. Most often she has applied this interest to advance knowledge regarding patient use of complementary therapies.

With over 200 peer reviewed journal articles and 24 book chapters published, Dr. Vohra’s accomplishments have been recognized nationally and internationally. In 2013, Dr. Vohra’s achievements were recognized by both the Dr. Roger’s Prize for excellence in complementary medicine research and induction as a Fellow in the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences, one of the highest honours for any member of the Canadian health research community. In 2016, Dr. Vohra received a Pioneer Award from the American Academy of Pediatrics.



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